Access and measurement technology to support the observation of damages and defects in the area humans cannot access

Access technology to move a distal end close to intricately winding target areas

Industrial videoscopes are endoscopes for industrial use suitable for inspecting narrow and deep target areas not directly visible such as inside aircraft engines and plumbing pipes in manufacturing plants. To uncover damages and defects in intricately winding areas, or areas filled with water or oil where humans cannot enter, not only ensuring and improving durability and water resistance, but also having a distal end able to reach a close proximity to the target object to be inspected is required.

In order to push the scope towards the target object to be inspected, durability of the tube is required, while flexibility is also necessary for a distal end to be able to curve and reach the narrow winding target areas. The technology to satisfy these contradicting conditions was developed, which allows a technique (called Tapered Flex) with a softer distal end that gradually becomes rigid towards the manual control section. Soft distal ends make it easy for the scope to pass through all types of winding curves while taking advantage of a rigid control section to transmit the force needed to push the distal end forward.

Stereo-measurement technology enabled accurate measurement of distance

While making observation of the target object to be inspected, it is important to provide the operator with not only high-resolution images, but also indications of the repairs necessary by measuring the accurate size and depth of damages and defects. Optical units for two optical paths are mounted on the distal end of Olympus' videoscope. Using the principle of triangulation on a corresponding coordinate from two obtained images, the depth information of the target object to be inspected is calculated. Similar to human eyes being able to grasp the distance to a target object, the images obtained from the two optical units with parallax allow distance and depth measurement of the target object.

Optical units for two optical paths are mounted on the distal end of scope.

Calculating the spatial coordinates of the subject with the principle of triangulation

Supporting people who protect our safe living

Olympus will continue to develop technologies to support people who are dedicated to the safety of social infrastructure, transportation, and manufacturing facilities. Furthermore, Olympus contributes to making people's lives safe, secure, and healthy by being one step ahead of the needs of the professionals who support society, in addition to providing innovative products and services beyond expectations to offer optimal solutions.

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