Event report2nd Olympus X Innovation Forum

The 2nd Olympus X (Cross) Innovation Forum was held on October 30, 2019. This time we invited external innovation partners as guests to the event space of Atelier X (Cross) in the Utsugi Facility.

First, Olympus’ Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer Haruo Ogawa and Vice President, Technology Innovation Michio Ishii appeared on the stage and provided an overview of this forum and spoke about Olympus’ innovation activities.

Then, Olympus’ chief fellows made presentations and three invited speakers made keynote and invited speeches. The invited speakers presented the international standard for the world’s first innovation management system (ISO56000 series) and cutting edge medical care incorporating advanced technologies such as AI.

Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer Haruo Ogawa

The chief fellows reported the progress of the three innovation themes introduced in the first forum : Inspection for a Safe and Secure Society, Surgical Operation, and Endoscopic Diagnosis.

This event was held in Atelier X (Cross) to celebrate the opening of the facility. Many guests remained in the hands-on space of Atelier X (Cross) to touch Olympus’ medical products during the breaks and after the event. A guest who visited the facility for the first time commented: “It is modern but has a calm atmosphere like in a coffeehouse. Innovation ideas will be created in such a nice place.”

Olympus will promote open innovation activities together with innovation partners.

  • Keynote speech
  • New Common Language for the Innovation Management, ISO 56000 Series
  • CEO, Japan Innovation Network
    Naohiro Nishiguchi
  • Invited speaker’s speech
  • Surgery Required in the Future - Smart Endoscopic Surgery
  • Professor, Department of Gastroenterological and Pediatric Surgery, Oita University Faculty of Medicine
    Masafumi Inomata, MD,PhD
  • Invited speaker’s speech
  • Development of AI Gastric Cancer Diagnostic Support
  • President, National Hospital Organization Kure Medical Center and Chugoku Cancer Center Japan
    Kiyomi Taniyama, MD, PhD, Invited Clinical Professor

Vice President, Technology Innovation Michio Ishii

Chief Fellow, Technology Innovation Tetsuo Nonami

Chief Fellow, Technology Innovation Kazuhiro Gono

Chief Fellow, Technology Innovation Susumu Kikuchi

Hands-on space, where new ideas are created through demonstration and operation experience using actual devices such as endoscopes

Speaker and guests