True to Life

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Advancing medical technologies to make the most of life

At Olympus we believe everyone should have the opportunity to live life to the full. Every day we are advancing medical technology solutions to help people everywhere fulfill their desires, their curiosity, their dreams, their ambitions, and their lives.

It's a philosophy we call: True to Life

Making the invisible visible to see and treat disease

True to Life sits at the heart of Our Purpose of "Making people's lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling." For over 100 years Olympus has been pioneering innovative technologies and solutions that made the previously invisible visible and we have a long legacy of delivering minimally invasive "see and treat" therapies that help detect, prevent and treat diseases.

Elevating the standard of care to live fulfilling lives

Olympus collaborates with incredible professionals across the globe who are dedicated to ensuring people have the health to live fulfilling lives. Our medical technologies help them elevate the standard of care and create moments of fulfillment for all.

This is why Olympus is True to Life.