Chinese Respiratory Specialist Highlights
the Importance of Endoscopy Training at C-TEC

Olympus provides healthcare professionals with practical hands-on training with the latest medical equipment for treatment, diagnosis, and minimally invasive surgery at its 17 training centers worldwide (as of 2024). In this story, we are featuring the Olympus China Medical Training & Education Center (C-TEC). We spoke with Dr. Ye Gu from Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital, who received training at C-TEC, and Ms. Jiaying Chu, a C-TEC trainer, about the center's impact in China and their dedication to their work.

How C-TEC's practical training enhances medical skills

Dr. Gu first participated in training at C-TEC in 2012, three years after it opened in China. At that time, respiratory medicine in China was going through a transition period. The number of patients had grown, and the medical technology had drastically advanced. "At the time, I did not fully understand the benefits of conducting respiratory endoscopy for our patients. Fortunately, C-TEC had a specific program for this, so I decided to go there for the training," said Dr. Gu.

The training at C-TEC was an eye-opening experience. "It started with theoretical lessons, where we learned about the structure of endoscopes, their models, sizes, and some operating principles. Then, we moved on to hands-on training. The trainers guided us with patience until we fully understood the different techniques that could be done with the endoscope."

Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital, where Dr. Gu works, is one of the most advanced centers for respiratory diagnosis and treatment in China. It performs more than 30,000 endoscopic diagnoses and treatments per year. This includes many emergency patients who are experiencing rapid breathing and immediate respiratory distress. It’s in these moments that a doctor's skills are truly put to the test. "Thanks to the standardized training, we remembered key points during the operation, and we knew exactly what to do. When a patient's condition improves with prompt and accurate diagnosis and treatment, it’s incredibly rewarding for our professional development, which is why we’re so eager to engage in this training and learning."

The Goal of C-TEC

C-TEC has three centers in China, located in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, and each are equipped with the cutting-edge medical equipment necessary for endoscopy examination and surgery training. They aim to develop specialists and elevate medical standards. C-TEC Shanghai, one of these centers, has a simulation laboratory, cleaning and disinfection room, multimedia lecture rooms, and more, covering the fields of gastroenterology, respiratory, surgery, urology, gynecology, and otorhinolaryngology. The facility has invited many experts of those fields from inside and outside China to teach proper methods. Between 2018 and 2022, they trained approximately 62,000 healthcare professionals.

"C-TEC aims to support the implementation of endoscopic diagnostics, procedures, and minimally invasive treatments by serving as a platform to provide healthcare professionals with professional knowledge, training, and communication" explains Jiaying Chu, a trainer at C-TEC Shanghai for ten years. As a specialist in Clinical Medicine, after working as a doctor for three years, she joined C-TEC. With her experience, she always tries to help healthcare professionals provide safe and efficient care.

Ms. Chu has great trust in Dr. Gu, who cooperates with C-TEC as an external expert. "Dr. Gu was among the first respiratory physicians in the East China region to learn how to operate an endoscope. Now, as a seasoned expert, he has provided us with lots of suggestions to optimize our training, which has benefited us greatly. Getting advice from experts allows us to make our training even better." Feedback from experts in the field is vital for the trainers. "I have come to realize that our conversations are making C-TEC's program more practical and fulfilling," says Ms. Chu.

Minimally invasive treatments for more patients

The healthcare professionals who attend training at C-TEC are most interested in the latest medical equipment. "As a doctor, my strongest wish is, with technological innovations, to be able to reduce patient suffering through minimally invasive methods," states Dr. Gu.

He emphasizes the importance of training healthcare professionals to be able to utilize the latest medical equipment. "With so many patients nationwide, what should we do? We must share the knowledge we have learned without any reservations. It's our duty to teach the younger generations across the country, to ensure that more patients can receive better treatments locally. I believe this is very important and meaningful," said Dr. Gu.

Olympus is dedicated to supporting the access to advanced medical care by providing training and technical enhancement opportunities for healthcare professionals.

* This story is based on interviews conducted in December 2023.