The importance of screening for colorectal cancer

Christin's Story - Germany

At age 28 Christin was diagnosed with colorectal cancer (CRC), but after treatment, is now looking forward to her future life with husband Tizian and dog Oscar.

Christin agrees with the views of Dr. Rosch on the importance of having a colonoscopy that can detect and remove lesions, the precursors to cancers.

Christin's mission today: Sharing her experiences in the fight against the disease with other people and raising awareness of the importance of early screening for CRC prevention.

Thomas Rösch, Professor of Gastroenterology at Hamburg University Hospital, performing a colonoscopy – a decisive step in successful CRC prevention.

"Medical technology has been greatly developed in recent years. Colorectal cancer is a serious disease, but in contrast to most other cancers you can catch lesions which are precursors, you can take them out. And that's probably the most perfect form of cancer prevention. It's important not to feel ashamed or be afraid… go for the test. It will save lives… I think Christin's mission is very important to make people aware what they should do…"
- Dr. Thomas Rosch, Professor of Gastroenterology at Hamburg University, Germany

By highlighting the crucial role of endoscopy in the fight against CRC, Olympus underlines its purpose of making people's lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling.