Corporate Citizenship Policy

At the Olympus Group (hereinafter, "Olympus"), our corporate activity is based on Olympus' corporate philosophy and the Olympus Global Code of Conduct.
Olympus implements appropriate corporate citizenship activities as a leading global medtech company, while taking a long-term view in an effort to achieve Our Purpose of "Making people's lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling."
Olympus is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities to society and its stakeholders by proactively carrying out the activities that benefit global and local communities.

* Integrated with “Charitable Donations and Grants Policy”

1. Priority Areas and Activities

Our Corporate Citizenship Activities including charitable donations and grants are carried out globally and locally, with focusing on following areas: “Medicine and Health”, “Science and Technology”, “Global Environment” and “Culture and the Arts”. In addition to the priority areas listed above, we are engaging in humanitarian and charitable activities to nourish the world, to combat poverty, emergency disaster relief assistance as well as local community involvement programs. Also, our contributions shall be socially just and shall follow ethical norms.

2. Approach to Activities

(1) Respect for local cultures and customs

While society expects a multinational company like Olympus to take action to address shared challenges on the globe, we still need to respect local cultures and customs and take into account local needs when launching local voluntary activities.

(2) Meaningful partnership

We work in partnership with NGOs, NPOs, local and national governments and international organizations, etc., as appropriate for each area of activity, to achieve greater speed and efficiency in addressing social issues. We utilize the findings, experiences, know-how that we gain in order to improve our future actions, which leads to our continuous growth.

(3) Developing the next generation of leaders

We foster people who will support the sustainable growth of society in the future by imparting the insight and know-how we have gained during our corporate activity over the past century to future leaders through providing learning opportunities and conducting awareness-raising activities.

(4) Enhancing employee participation

Olympus believes that its employees should become more connected with the world around them through volunteer activities, which not only have positive effects on society, but also help employees broaden their horizons and improve their sensitivity. Olympus encourages its employees to get involved in society on their own initiative by providing them with opportunities to volunteer.

3. Charitable Donations and Grants

in addition to creating social value through our business operations, commits to gain trust from society. Through charitable donations and grants, we live up to our commitment and responsibility to address social issues.

(1) Charitable Donations

We provide monetary aid and/or in-kind donations to philanthropic activities, and contribution activity for local community based on CSR for humanitarian aid. Aid and donations provided for disaster relief will also be considered charitable donations.

(2) Grants

We provide monetary and/or in-kind support to independent organizations for education and research activities related to "Medicine and Health" or "Science and Technology.

(3) Compliance with Legal Regulations and Social Norms

We will fully comply with both Japanese and non-Japanese law and industry guidelines in respect to charitable donations and grants.

(4) Rules and Organizational Systems

We clearly separate charitable donations and grants from any Olympus commercial activities and establish guidelines and operational structures to ensure transparency.

4. Information Disclosure

To fulfill our responsibilities to society and our stakeholders, we proactively disclose information on the corporate citizenship activities we have implemented in the past in a timely and appropriate manner.

5. Continuous Improvement

By reflecting on the outcomes of past corporate citizenship activities and listening to feedback from society and our stakeholders, we will strive to improve our activities.