General Employer Action Plan based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children

The Olympus Group promotes Work-Life Integration (WLI), through which we aim to create a positive interaction between work and life that fulfills the aspirations of our employees.

As a company committed to the sustainable development of society, we value Nurturing the Next Generation, aiming to care for the children who will bear the future and valuing their healthy growth.

Based on these ideas, Olympus Corporation will implement the following action plan to establish a working environment that enables our employees to fulfill both their work and child caring commitments, exerting their capabilities to the full.

1. Plan duration

April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2024 (three years).

2. Plan details

(1) Establish a working environment that supports balancing work and life for employees engaged in childcare

Goal 1: Implement the WLI schemes and raise understanding of them to encourage usage of the schemes according to employees' life plans regardless of gender.

  • Introduce teleworking

    Jointly with the labor union, introduce teleworking utilizing telecommunication devices at a permitted location other than the office. (From FY2022)

  • Introduce hourly-based leave

    Allow employees to use their annual leave on an hourly basis to enable flexible and autonomous ways of working. (From FY2022)

  • Introduce options for taking summer holidays

    Promote autonomous and flexible working according to the individual employee's life plans. (From FY2022)

  • Consider a support system during and after childcare leave

    Consider a career development system for employees engaged in childcare by supporting career progress during childcare leave and offering a housekeeping service after they return to work. (From FY2022)

  • Introduce a personnel evaluation system that takes account of diverse working styles

    To expand the working opportunities of employees who have to work during limited hours or locations due to child or elderly care etc., we are considering widening the scope of the personnel evaluation system, currently in use for assessing employees in the job classification system. (From FY2022)

(2) Revise working styles and diversify the working environment and culture

Goal 2: Implement measures to revise working styles as a part of WLI promotion.

  • Provide WLI information and training sessions for managers

    Provide managers with continuing training programs on appropriate workplace management to support employees' balance between work and child or elderly care, as well as promoting understanding of the aims of WLI. (From FY2022)

  • Encourage men to participate in childcare

    Create a corporate culture in which male employees can freely participate in childcare and provide related information. (From FY2022)

  • Contracts with corporate childcare centers

    Consider making contracts with corporate childcare centers (employer-sponsored childcare centers) operated by other companies. (From FY2022)

    Provide information about the nurseries in Shirakawa Facility (opened in September 2018) and Hachioji Facility (opened in June 2020), to ensure they are used effectively and support WLI. (From FY2022)