Basic Approach and Policy

The Olympus Group published the Olympus Global Code of Conduct to define the ethical standards for the behaviors of all group members. We place the highest value on "Respectful Behavior. Under the Code of Conduct, we clearly declare that we do not allow harassing behavior or discrimination based on personal characteristics like gender, age, nationality, ethnicity, skin color, political views, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, social background or disability. "Show appreciation for diversity of people, views, and work styles" and "Never discriminate against job candidates or employees" are two examples of "What we do". With these basic codes of conduct fully implemented, we provide all employees with equal opportunities to fulfill their potential and improve their abilities as well as opportunities to work, develop their abilities and gain promotion according to their level of competency.
In April 2019 we introduced a corporate transformation plan Transform Olympus, a global-scale human resources policies that serves as the basis for our global employees to follow our Corporate Philosophy (Our Purpose and Our Core Values), and to encourage each employee to take on ambitious challenges for personal growth. Under our transformation plan, we will assign employees in the most efficient way without regard to attributes such as nationality or gender to encourage our diverse human resources to work effectively. Especially in Japan, we plan to expand the use of our HR systems based on "job-focused employment” to all employees, starting from Olympus. Rather than the traditional Japanese HR systems based on "membership-type employment," in which factors such as age and years of service affect compensation, compensation can be more direct depending on the size of responsibility of the individual's roles. We also plan to introduce a global common performance management system that will allow us to evaluate individual performance fairly across the world and reward their performance. We believe that these reforms in the human resources system will provide a shortcut for employees to draw their own career passes while pursuing their expertise.

Human Rights Policy

Promotion Structure

In the Olympus Group, the President is ultimately responsible for our strategy for human resources including personal management and labor relation, while the Corporate Officer in charge of human resources implements our group-wide human resource strategy through the HR function at the headquarters.
We are implementing measures to ensure that we follow labor and employment laws and regulations in the various countries in which each subsidiary and division operate in compliance with the Group's human resource strategy to ensure diversity in human resources for optimal business management.
Olympus and its Japan subsidiaries are sometimes located in one facility. Each facility has its own general manager to ensure comprehensive implementation of policies and measures involving personnel and labor issues.

Organization of Human Resource Strategy Promotion (Olympus and its Japan subsidiaries)

Organization of Human Resource Strategy Promotion (Olympus and its Japan subsidiaries)/President・Director in charge of personnel and labor issues/Human Resources Division・Proposes and implements human resource strategies and systems/Facility General Manager・Labor management and other activities at individual facilities/Managers of Business Divisions such as Affiliates and Business Groups


Recruitment in FY2023

Olympus hired 243 employees (only full-time employees) in FY2023, almost the same number as the previous year. Of these, mid-career employees accounted for 72% of the total.
Also, the recruitment rate of female employees was 25.9%, falling by approximately 6.0% compared to the previous year.

Employment of People with Disabilities

Olympus actively promotes the employment of people with disabilities (physical, mental, and intellectual). After hiring employees, they are active in a wide range of fields, including general clerical positions, as well as research and development positions such as manufacturing engineering positions and IT development positions. In April 2009, we established a special subsidiary* called Olympus Support Mate,which mainly employs people with intellectual disabilities and strives to continuously employ them by creating an employment environment that includes the establishment of work processes suited to the characteristics of the people with disabilities and the placement of supporting staff for their active roles. In addition, Olympus Support Mate's Cleaning Business Group has been established in Aomori Olympus, Aizu Olympus, Nagano Olympus, and Shirakawa Olympus to contribute to the creation of job positions where people with disabilities can work in local communities. The potential of people with disabilities is then linked to the company's strengths. As of April 2023, the employment rate of eight special corporate groups was 2.78%, maintaining a level above the statutory rate of 2.3%. Olympus Terumo BioMaterials employs para-athletes who aspire to the Paralympic Games and supports their athletic activities. At the same time, Olympus actively supports social contribution activities such as hands-on classes aimed at realizing a society in harmony.

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* Special-purpose subsidiary: A subsidiary approved by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare under the provisions of Article 44 of the Act on Employment Promotion, etc., of Persons with Disabilities s an organization that gives special consideration to the employment of people with disabilities and is deemed as one of the business offices of its parent company.

Employment of the Elderly

Olympus has a system to continue employing employees who want to work for the Company after reaching the retirement age of 60 until they become 65 years old. In FY2023, 107 people newly qualified for the system, and 100% of the employees requesting continued employment were hired accordingly.