Labor Relations

Basic Approach

The Olympus Group values protection of the rights of individual employees in order to offer better value to society. We implement appropriate measures based on human rights viewpoints and the labor and employment laws of each country.
The Olympus Group Human Rights Policy supports respect for the rights of the worker as set out in the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and the Group pledges to implement these principles in its companywide management and daily business activities.

Human Rights Policy


Global Employee Survey for the Improvement of Employee Engagement

We conduct employee surveys (core value surveys) to listen to the opinions of employees and to achieve a better corporate culture and work environment. The results are shared with management, including regional management, and measures are implemented at various organizational units. From August to September 2021, we conducted our first core values survey in 3 years. It was conducted in 43 countries and regions and 18 languages, with a response rate of 86%. The percentage of employees who responded they understood the core values was 78%, and the percentage of employees who responded that they were positive about engagement was 67%, an improvement from the previous survey. Of the 42 items, 39 showed improvement from the previous survey, indicating that we are making steady progress in our efforts to improve our corporate culture.
In addition, we have defined the corporate culture that the Olympus Group aims to achieve as a “healthy organizational culture.” To achieve this culture, we are addressing issues common to the entire company and issues specific to each region, while at the same time providing and promoting the use of “healthy organizational culture practice tools” that can be implemented at each workplace. In particular, we are taking action for collaboration, delegation of authority, corporate culture encouraging challenges, and improvement of work-life balance.

Labor-Management Consultations (Japan)

The top management of Olympus provides regular opportunities for labor-management consultations both centrally and at individual facilities, including twice-annual meetings of the Central Labor-Management Council with the Olympus Labor Union, to discuss reforms of the corporate culture, such as the improvement of labor conditions and revisions toward more flexible workstyles.
In FY2023, labor-management talks confirmed that Olympus would continue discussions on management measures and organizational culture development in general. Also, through continuous labor-management dialogues, revisions were made to the labor agreement and employment regulations for the adoption of a job-based HR system.
As of April 1, 2023, 4,636 permanent employees (other than those at managerial positions) were members of the labor union, which covers 69% of all employees.