Labor Relations

Basic Approach

The Olympus Group values protection of the rights of individual employees in order to offer better value to society. We implement appropriate measures based on human rights viewpoints and the labor-related laws of each country.
The Olympus Group Human Rights Policy supports respect for the rights of the worker as set out in the ILO Declaration of Human Principles and Rights in Labor and the Group pledges to implement these principles in its companywide management and daily business activities.

Human Rights Policy


Global Employee Survey for the Improvement of Employee Engagement

We conduct an employee survey called the Core Values Survey for about 35,000 Olympus Group employees in 43 countries biannually and use the results to improve our corporate culture and workplace environment. The findings are shared by top management and regional management officers and reflected in various measures and policies. In particular, we are taking action to develop an open corporate culture, reform working styles and improve operational efficiency. We have also introduced systems that allow leave for volunteer activities and permission for side jobs.

Labor-Management Consultations (Japan)

The Olympus top management provides regular opportunities to engage in labor management consultations, both centrally and at individual facilities, such as during its twice-annual Central Labor-Management Council with the Olympus Labor Union. Such councils serve as a forum for discussing improvements in labor conditions and corporate culture reforms.
In the FY2021, labor-management talks confirmed that we would continue discussions on working styles in place during the COVID-19 pandemic and on human resource management systems in general. We also postponed an increase to the basic salary of union members.
As of April 1, 2021, 5,385 employees (other than management) were members of the labor union, which covers 76% of all employees.