Colorectal cancer, increasing worldwide

1. Colorectal cancer, increasing worldwide

The number of new cases of colorectal cancer is increasing annually throughout the world. From approximately 1.02 million in 2002, the number of new cases of colorectal cancer globally increased to approximately 1.8 million in 2018; therefore prevention and treatment for colorectal cancer have become important challenges.

Figure 1 | Trends in people newly suffering from colorectal cancer worldwide. Source: Bray F, et al. CA Cancer J Clin 2018;68:394-424; Parkin DM, et al. CA Cancer J Clin 2005;55:74-108; Jemal A, et al. CA Cancer J Clin 2011;61:69-90; Torre LA, et al. CA Cancer J Clin 2015;65: 87-108. c American Cancer Society.

2. The risk of colorectal cancer increases with age

Since US statistics show that the number of persons newly diagnosed with colorectal cancer is increasing greatly among both men and women aged 50 or older, the risk of developing colorectal cancer is thought to increase with age.
For this reason, colorectal cancer screening is performed for patients aged 40 or older or 50 or older in some countries, and the early detection and early treatment of colorectal cancer made possible by this screening is expected to decrease colorectal cancer mortality.

Figure 2 | Age distribution of patients newly diagnosed with colorectal cancer in the USA (2014). Source: Siegel R, et al. CA Cancer J Clin 2014;64:104-117. c American Cancer Society.

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