Elevating the standard of care

Basic Concept

The Olympus Group aims to improve patient outcomes by elevating the standard of care in targeted diseases. We have a dedicated organization that serves our patients, healthcare professionals, and community by bringing medical, scientific, and professional capabilities to help ensure we deliver a portfolio clinically relevant, economically valuable, and safe products and solutions around the globe.

This organization serves three important roles:

  1. Strengthen Olympus Group’s functional capabilities to develop medical device innovations promoting patient-centered solutions that are safer and more effective.
  2. Develop and implement educational programs and training for healthcare professionals to rapidly gain technical expertise, achieve excellent clinical results, while ensuring the patient’s safety.
  3. Leverage real-world evidence to improve clinical outcomes for patients that, in turn, produce economic value for payers, health care systems, and society.


Focus on Global Training for Healthcare Professionals

The department dedicated to promoting this initiative has invited experts to provide training for healthcare professionals to promote the safe and proper use of Olympus medical products. In 2021, we launched the training form OLYMPUS CONTINUUM as an educational platform offering a comprehensive program of medical products and procedures. OLYMPUS CONTINUUM is designed to provide training tailored to the skills of healthcare professionals, taking advantage of the online nature of the program, in addition to traditional group onsite training, from pre-training to post-training follow-up. We have opened a portal site in five languages and are expanding our web-based training tools, including a learning management system (LMS)*1 and an on-demand library*2.
In FY2022, we provided a total of 1,285 training sessions (+34% YoY) in each business area (global) despite COVID-19.

*1 System for realizing a series of online processes from registration to attendance of hands-on training and lectures (implementation status varies by region).

*2 System for posting a wide variety of learning content, mainly videos and procedure booklets for healthcare professionals

Olympus Continuum training results
Number of times held (year on year)

1,285 times (134%)

Olympus Continuum

Grant Initiatives

Through our Grants Program, the Olympus Group supports independent third-party activities that relate to diseases, conditions, or treatments for which Olympus products are used. The fundamental goal is improved patient care. Olympus Grants primarily support education for healthcare professionals, including advanced fellowships and hands-on trainings across the world. Patient-facing support includes disease awareness programs, health care capacity building, and care initiatives for patients in need. A limited number of research Grants support independent studies related to Olympus product areas. Over 335 unique organizations received Olympus Grants in FY2022 to conduct programming in more than 50 countries. In addition to in-kind awards, financial Grants made by the Olympus Group in FY2022 totaled approximately US$6.4 million.