For the Benefit of Patients

Basic Concept

At Olympus Group, our Vision is making people’s lives healthier, safer, and more fulfilling. We do this through our focus on the patient’s journey, from prevention through recovery. As we focus on the patient care pathway, we seek ways to create solutions and optimize procedures to enhance the care pathway through comprehensive understanding and management of diseases to drive value. This will support our strategy to improve patient outcomes by elevating the standard of care.


Initiatives to Improve Patient Care Pathways (Case Study of Colorectal Cancer in Japan)

In the area of cancer treatment where early detection and early treatment are important, we are working to raise awareness of the importance of screening as part of our “prevention” efforts in the care pathway, and we are running a website that provides a variety of information on screening and treatment under the supervision of a doctor (① in the Figure below) and conducting activities to raise awareness of the importance of screening (② in the Figure below). As part of our commitment to “early detection,” “definitive diagnosis,” and “treatment,” we provide medical institutions with endoscopic systems, technologies to support endoscopic diagnosis, and a variety of surgical instruments that enable minimally invasive procedures that reduce the burden on patients. (③ in the Figure below)
We also provide maintenance information dissemination to facilitate necessary examinations (④ in the Figure below), and aim to improve patient quality of life by comprehensively addressing patient care pathways.