Supply Chain Policy of Olympus Group

All activities of Olympus group (hereinafter referred to as Olympus) are based on our corporate philosophy, "Making people's lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling". Following this philosophy, we contribute to the development of a sustainable society through our ESG (Environment, Society, and Governance) initiatives. Also, this document stipulates the way in which we will procure the materials and services necessary for our business activities.

1. Compliance with Laws, Regulations, Ethics and Social Norms
Olympus complies with applicable laws, regulations, ethics, and social norms (those concerning the respect for human rights including the prohibition of child labor, forced labor, and anti-corruption). We take due care of labor environment, safety and health of workers, and Olympus carries out corporate activities in a sound and fair manner. We ask that suppliers of the materials and services do the same.
2. Promotion of Business Activities in consideration of the Environment
Olympus recognizes the importance of various environmental issues such as climatic changes, and establishes "Olympus Group Environmental Policy" and "Olympus Green Procurement Standard". In conducting its business activities, we endeavor to realize a human society that has a sound environment and that is capable of sustainable development in consideration of the environment. We ask the suppliers to do the same.
3. Promotion of Fair and Impartial Trade:
Olympus opens its doors to current suppliers and future suppliers all over the world, and engages in fair and impartial trade in accordance with established policies and procedures.
4. Selection of Suppliers and Management System:
Olympus selects suppliers based on the key elements of a comprehensive decision process which are the management compliance with laws, regulations, ethics, and social norms, environmental considerations, quality & safety assurance and a stable supply, management stability, technical capabilities, security of information, respect for the intellectual property of other parties, compliance with the designated delivery date and appropriate pricing. We also evaluate periodically by management indexes, quality, price, and service, in addition accurately understanding of the importance and obeying compliance with the laws, regulations, ethics and social norms that we added into our evaluation criteria definition.
5. Reinforcement of Partnership with Suppliers
Olympus endeavors to establish and maintain a relationship of trust with our suppliers based on mutual understanding.
6. Prohibition on Accepting Personal Interests:
Olympus prohibits its employees from accepting any improper personal gifts, benefits or entertainment from suppliers.