Volunteer Activities by Employees

As a corporate citizen, Olympus provides opportunities for many of its employees to participate in solving social issues in collaboration with various charitable organizations.
Through these opportunities, we also aim to utilize and improve our skills, knowledge, and experience by broadening our perspectives and fostering awareness of problem solving.

Activities for healthcare and patients

Blood drive

Olympus supports cancer patients by blood donation activities in cooperation with the Japanese Red Cross Society. Many of our employees participate in blood donation activities with the hope of “reducing the number of people dying from cancer.” 

Group blood donation on site

Activities to foster a healthy future for children

We carry out various volunteer activities to support the children in terms of medical care, welfare and health.

Vaccine Project for Children

We carry out activities to donate reusable cloths to support vaccination for children.
Every day, 4,000 children worldwide lose their lives from infections that could have been prevented by vaccines.
In fiscal 2022, with the cooperation of our employees, we donated over 10,000 items of clothing and delivered 1,000 doses of polio vaccine to children in Myanmar, Laos, Bhutan, and Vanuatu.

Employees join forces and collect a lot of clothing

Clothing is sorted and resold for reuse in Cambodia

Laotian children receive donated polio vaccine

Support for sick children and families in need of medical care

Through medical and welfare organizations, employees give gifts and messages to children and their families for being brave for children who have had injections and other painful treatments.

Nearly 200 “Ganbatta Prizes” were handed out by employees to children

Donation of school bags to Afghan children

In cooperation with an international cooperation NGO, we donate school bags that have already served their purpose to children in Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, there are many children who cannot read or write because they cannot go to school. Delivering school bags is a good way to help them get an education. By supporting the provision of appropriate educational opportunities through school bag donations, we contribute to building a society where children can make their own choices and live healthy lives.

Donation of more than 80 school bags to Afghan children

Activities for a sustainable global environment

We conduct a variety of volunteer activities with a greater awareness of “UNITY” among employees.

Cleaning activities at Enoshima Beach

Olympus Group’s efforts honored by “Japan Fund for Global Environment”

Cleaning activities at Enoshima Beach

Olympus Group’s efforts honored by “Japan Fund for Global Environment”

Providing various opportunities to participate in volunteer activities

Olympus Volunteer Web

Olympus Volunteer Web, a volunteer website for employees, offers more than 200 volunteer activities annually, allowing employees to participate in volunteer programs tailored to their individual needs and circumstances.

Olympus Volunteer Web (image)

Volunteer leave

We have established a volunteer leave system to encourage employees to participate in volunteer activities.