Head of Endoscopes Sales Department, Medical Business in India

"Every activity of ours is reflection of our purpose; Making people’s life healthier, safer and more fulfilling."

Q: Why did you join Olympus?

I looked for a company which believes in business by keeping society as a focal point.

Before I joined Olympus, I was in the medical device sales industry for 12 years, but that specific industry segment was stagnated and there was nothing much to contribute to business and community at large; therefore, I looked for a company which believes in business by keeping society as a focal point. When I joined Olympus, I cherished the fact that this company gave me full freedom to apply my thoughts, once thoughts became reality and reality transformed into business. It was a great feeling and sense of achievement. Also, like I mentioned, my expectation was to join a company which has a society centric approach. At Olympus, our purpose is "Making people's life healthier, safer and more fulfilling", I think business with this purpose even gives higher sense of achievement, I also feel that, like me, every employee feels connected and work with same purpose at Olympus.

Q: What do you do at Olympus, and what motivates you?

I had to create many innovative tailor made solutions to suite India market.

I joined in marketing department of medical business 9 years ago and moved through various roles, right from Product Manager to Head of Marketing, and now I am the Sales Head for one of the business division. Our challenges are very unique in India, as India being a growing but very price sensitive market; therefore, challenges are very different from other regions. So, I had to create many innovative tailor made solutions to suite India market and some of the best practices. And those solutions are also being adopted in other similar countries. I feel that it is also very rewarding.

Q: What is a typical day for you?

8:30-9:30: Check overnight e-mails

9:30-11:30: Discussions with my team on various sales projects

11:30-12:45: Inter department coordination meetings; Finance, Operation and Logistic

12:45-13:30: Lunch break

13:30-16:00: Customer meetings

16:00-17:00: Discussions with marketing team on sales and marketing coordination

17:00-17:30: Quick wrap up with my team

17:30: Drive back to home

Q: What is required skill & specialty for your job in the medical field?

Need to learn not only science knowledge but also management.

My job needs combination of science knowledge and interpersonal skills, for effective communication and management, I studied physics, mathematics and chemistry in schools till graduation. And after that, I studied business management.

Q: Finally, how do you feel about contributing to society?

As mentioned above, Olympus' purpose is "Making people's life healthier, safer and more fulfilling''; therefore, every activity of Olympus is reflection of our purpose and our core values*.

* our core values: “Our Core Values (Integrity, Empathy, Long-Term View, Agility, and Unity)” are shared among all global Olympus employees to realize “Our Purpose”.

For example, in India, Olympus with its commitment for the service of society and under the program, has conducted health and hygiene programs at government primary schools, where 340 students in total have participated in this activities. Below are the activities which we did in 2 days in-campus;

- Health and hygiene education including good and bad habits and good touch and bad touch
- Basic health check-ups like dental, eyes, etc. and support for future treatment
- Provided health kits to all the children
- Training of teachers, school management committees and administrators towards creating the skills to keep the soup warm
- Awareness posters across school for future reminders and reference

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