Olympus Job Shadowing

Olympus is a "manufacturing and sales company" that produces and sells medical equipment and microscopes, etc. In manufacturing and sales companies, employees do a lot of different kinds of work, and their roles within the company are different depending on the type of work that they do. A collection of employees, each with different roles, is called an "organization", and the company tries to arrange this organization well, to generate profits. The company also works to create products which are useful to society, and to protect the lives of employees.

Overall Image of Company Organization in General Manufacturing and Sales Company (for example)

  1. Obtain Information for Product Development: Upstream Marketing
  2. Develop Products: Research & Development, Product Design, Intellectual Property Management, Quality Assurance
  3. Produce Products: Material Procurement, Manufacturing Plants
  4. Distribute Products: Logistics, Management of Receiving Orders, Inventory and Shipping
  5. Sell Products: Sales, Marketing, Product PR, Publicity
  6. Service and Support Products: Maintenance and Servicing, Call Centers
  7. Support Overall Company Management: Corporate Planning, Finance and Accounting, Legal, Human Resources, General Affairs, Audit, IT, PR, CSR, Environment, Compliance, etc.

Employee's Job

This column will interview various employees of Olympus in different jobs from around the world, and will introduce the specific daily work content at each workplace. They will also talk about how working at Olympus helps them to feel like they are making a "contribution to society".