Health Management and Better-Health Promotion

Basic Approach and Policy


The Olympus Global Code of Conduct states that “Safe and healthy workplace is a major priority. We take proactive steps to prevent accidents and occupational illnesses at work and promote good health and wellness as well as work-friendly environment.” Based on this policy, efforts to promote the better health of employees are regarded as an important factor in supporting the sustainable growth of the company, with the company actively building/maintaining a Health Promotion System and engaging in concrete initiatives.


The Olympus Group sets out to achieve the following goals through its health management and better-health promotion initiatives:

  1. To maintain a workplace environment where each employee is healthier and can work energetically.
  2. To be a company where the better health of employees contributes to the stabilization of business management and better performance.

Priority Measures

The following are the two priority measures to be implemented by the Olympus Group to achieve its vision:

  1. Having employees understand that they perform at their best when both their physical and mental well-being are in good shape, and promoting improvements in the health awareness and healthy behavior of each employee.
  2. Fostering a healthy organizational culture, as well as fostering a workplace environment where employees can perform at their best with both their physical and mental well-being in good shape.

Initiatives in Japan

Background to Initiatives

In 2008, a department to promote and oversee the health activities of employees was set up in the Human Resource Division of Olympus Corporation and began the centralized management of Japan subsidiaries while liaising with the Health Insurance Association. Since then, this department has established/maintained an industrial health system, health management operation rules, and a health management system, and promoted efforts based on the outcomes of these initiatives.

The Olympus Health Declaration

The Olympus Global Code of Conduct states that “Safe and healthy workplace is a major priority. We take proactive steps to prevent accidents and occupational illnesses at work and promote good health and wellness as well as work-friendly environment.” In Japan, also including Japan subsidiaries, we established the Olympus Health Declaration to help maintain and improve the health of employees and their families.

In line with the announcement of the Health Declaration, action to prevent passive smoking is to be made a priority. At the same time, we are introducing measures to help employees to become healthy and stay healthy, including advice with lifestyle improvements, recommendations and financial assistance with screenings to catch cancer at an early stage, and how to avoid mental health problems.

In this way, the Olympus Group wants to create a corporate culture that encourages employees to be healthy, both physically and mentally and for everyone to lead healthy and happy lives.

Olympus Health Declaration

Realization of a Better Livelihood and Happiness

Our corporate philosophy is to contribute to society by “Making people's lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling.” We believe this is possible with the support of healthy employees and their families with vitality.

Olympus places top priority on the health of its employees and their facilities through the following activities.

  1. Olympus regards employee health as an important management issue and is committed to a corporate culture that places top priority on employee safety and health.
  2. Olympus will continue to create a workplace environment where employees are able to work with vitality and good physical and mental health.
  3. Olympus cooperates with the Health Insurance Association to support better health to each and every employee and their families.

Health Promotion System

Based on the plan for efforts each fiscal year, the Human Resources EHS Department leads the promotion of efforts across all Olympus’ group companies in Japan while working in unison with the Health Insurance Association, industrial health care personnel, and industrial physicians.


Health Management Strategy Map

By creating a Health Management Strategy Map that clarifies the ties between the initiatives relating to health management/better-health promotion of employees and management issues, and adopting absenteeism (average number of days off) and presenteeism (degree of fulfillment of work capacity) as health management indexes, initiatives to promote the better health of employees are actively ongoing.


Indicators regarding the implementation status of health investment measures

Improvement in the rate of undergoing detailed medical examination

Targets and Priority Measures for Health Management and Better-Health Promotion

Based on the Health Management Strategy Map, by adopting (1) creating good lifestyle habits, (2) physical exams and follow-ups, cancer screenings, and (3) creating mental health as priority measures, various initiatives are actively ongoing to improve absenteeism and presenteeism, which are target indexes.

Creating good lifestyle habits

Creating good lifestyle habits is very important to prevent lifestyle diseases and maintain good physical and psychological health. Olympus’ group companies in Japan have set five good lifestyle habits and are continuing to make improvements in each index.

Index Target
Overall The average number of habits possessed from the five good lifestyle habits An improvement
on last year
Five good
lifestyle habits
Exercise Exercising for at least 30 minutes a day, twice a week, for at least a year
Rest Ease of falling asleep, regular sleep, sleep duration, sleepiness during the day
Healthy diet Eating breakfast every day, whether one eats snacks or not, nutritional balance, calories consumed
Not smoking Smoking status each day (including electronic cigarettes and heated cigarettes)
Not drinking too much Drinking alcohol no more than four days a week

Regular physical examinations and follow-Ups, cancer screening

Undergoing physical examinations and understanding/improving the results of physical examinations are basic initiatives in terms of health management. Adopting the percentage of employees who undergo regular physical examinations and the percentage of employees who undergo cancer screenings as indexes, initiatives to make improvements are ongoing.

Index Target
Percentage of employees who undergo regular physical examinations Blood pressure An improvement on last year
Blood lipids
Blood sugar
Percentage of employees who undergo cancer screenings
Breast cancer
Uterine cancer

Creating mental health

With living and work environments changing significantly, mental health is becoming an increasingly important factor. Adopting the percentage of employees with high stress evident in stress check results as an index, a broad range of improvement measures are being rolled out such as stress prevention measures, responding to employees with stress issues, and supporting the reinstatement of persons returning from leave.

Index Target
Percentage of employees with high stress An improvement on last year

External Certification

Survey on Health and Productivity Management and Certified Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (White 500) Certification

Olympus’ activities were highly evaluated in the fiscal 2023 Survey on Health and Productivity Management. This included receiving an industry-leading score in the precision machines category, and being recognized as a Certified Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (White 500) for the seventh year running.

In particular, publicly releasing details of our health promotion system and health management strategy map, establishing evaluation indicators for priority policies, and enhancing our review activities, contributed to improved scores for items such as “management philosophy and policies,” and “evaluations and improvements.”

Our affiliated companies Olympus Marketing and Aizu Olympus Corporation were at the same time recognized as Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations.



Sports Yell Company Certification


Olympus has been certified as a Sports Yell Company for three consecutive years by the Japan Sports Agency for being a company that works positively on the promotion and support of sports activities to promote the health of employees. In particular, its initiatives considerate of employee health such as working on eliminating the lack of exercise due to the COVID-19 pandemic were evaluated highly. Further, our affiliated companies Olympus Marketing and Olympus Terumo Biomaterials were also awarded Sports Yell Company certification in 2023.

March 1, 2023, Certification of Olympus as a Japan Sports Agency, “Sports Yell Company 2023”

Specific Initiatives

Creating Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Developing healthy lifestyle habits is an important factor in preventing and ameliorating lifestyle-related diseases. Medical professionals at each of our sites take the lead in implementing a variety of activities to support proactive steps to achieve this by our employees.

Examples of activities in FY2023

Exercise Online videos


・16 exercise seminars (including classroom-based lectures) conducted between January and March, with the participation of approximately 1,500 employees

・83% of participants indicated the program added to their motivation to exercise (from survey results)
(all Japan subsidiaries)

Walking campaigns


・Conducted four times annually for periods of around one month
・Participation of around 2,500 employees (all Japan subsidiaries)

Food Collaboration with employee cafeteria


・Healthy meal options offered at the employee cafeteria tailored to seasonal events

・Implementation of bone strength, vascular age, and other measurements (Hachioji Facility: three times per year; Shirakawa Facility: daily; Nagano Facility: three times per year)

Smoking Smoking cessation ・Complete implementation of a total non-smoking policy at all sites by the end of March 2021
・Implementation of smoking cessation support by health care personnel for smokers
・Provision of subsidized assistance by the Health Insurance Association to cover the full cost of smoking cessation treatment
・Outcome: 15.9% reduction in smoking rate by the end of March 2023 (down 0.5% on previous year)
(all Japan subsidiaries)
Information and educational campaigns Health portal site ・Introduction of the Wellness Spot Navi at the Health Insurance Association, to encourage health management by all individuals (entire Olympus Group)
Distribution of newsletter ・Regular distribution of information by health promotion topic; 11 times in FY2023
(all Japan subsidiaries)

Regular Physical Exams and Follow-ups, Cancer Screenings

Regular physical exams and follow-ups

Conducted mainly by industrial doctors and medical staff permanently stationed at each site, we thoroughly implement regular health examinations and, based on post-exam measures, interviews and follow-up. We are also enhancing our efforts to encourage employees in whom health issues have been detected, and others who require them, to undergo full medical examinations.

Cancer screenings

At Olympus, we incorporate endoscopic tests using our own products into the health-exam menu toward the early detection and early treatment of cancer. We also actively encourage undergoing screenings, and have maintained high rates for both (72.7% for gastrointestinal endoscopies and 62.5% for colonoscopies in FY2023).

The Health Insurance Association fully subsidizes the costs of examinations, including those for family members, with some exceptions. The full support it provides also includes that for gynecological examinations in all age brackets.

In addition, we hold regular e-learning sessions and seminars to improve employee’s knowledge of cancer and to promote higher uptake for cancer screenings.

Cancer screening test support system

Examination Item Target Health Insurance Cost Subsidy Encouraged Yearly Interval*
Stomach cancer (endoscope) 35 years and older 100% coverage Once every two years
Stomach cancer (pepsinogen examination) 35 years and older 100% coverage Year that gastrointestinal endoscopy is not undertaken
Colorectal cancer (endoscope) 35 years and older 100% coverage Once every three years (40 years and older)
Colorectal cancer (fecal occult blood test) 35 years and older 100% coverage Year that colonoscopy is not undertaken
Breast cancer/Cervical cancer Women of all ages 100% coverage Once every two years
Prostate cancer (PSA marker) Men 50 years and older 100% coverage Once every two years
Abdominal ultrasonography 40 years and older 100% coverage Once every two years
Lung cancer (lung helical CT) 40 years and older 50% (upper limit of ¥5,000 yen, including tax) Individual decides whether to receive health exam

*Consultation encouraged: For those who have not yet taken the exam for certain period from the target age (those who have not yet taken an exam within the encouraged yearly interval).

Creating Mental Health

At Olympus, mental health is positioned among our priority issues, and we are deploying measures to promote mental health taking in various angles. In addition, the content of mental health programs is being enhanced to reflect the extreme changes in lifestyles and work styles of recent times.

Uniform stress checks are conducted at Olympus Corporation and its Japan subsidiaries. The rate of those taking stress checks has remained above 90% each year and, besides conducting appropriate interviews with employees with high stress, we are also strengthening individual consultation and follow-up activities.

Activities in FY2023

Self-care 1) Mental health education
・Implementation of self-care e-learning seminars for all employees
・Implementation of self-care seminars by medical professionals for new employees
Line care 1) Administrators education/support
・Implementation (online/in-person) of mental health seminars for administrators by rank
Care by industrial health care personnel at business sites 1) Consultation services/return to work support
・Industrial physicians and medical professionals stationed at each site are available for consultation by employees and administrators. Appropriate responses are implemented in line with the content of consultations.
2) Interview with new employees
・Implementation of one-on-one interviews with all new employees and mid-career hires to support their education and understand their circumstances
Care provided by resources outside the business site 1) External psychologists, etc.
・Implementation of one-on counseling by external psychologists by individual case
・Implementation of education seminars by external psychologists
2) Establishment of external consultation services
・Establishment of external services for consultation on health

Support for Treatment and Continuing to Work

At Olympus, we emphasize the prevention of diseases and serious illnesses through each of our health management and promotion initiatives. At the same time, we promote proactive support measures for those who are recovering from illnesses from the perspective of helping them achieve a balance between their treatment and work, and create an environment in which employees can engage in their work in peace of mind. Specifically, industrial physicians and nurses permanently stationed at each site compile concrete assistance plans from recuperation to return to work for employees in need of medical treatment, making full use of paid leave, flextime, work-at-home, and other systems. To provide greater employee assistance, a special leave program was introduced in April 2020 for employees suffering from a disease for which the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare recommends support.

Women’s Specific Health Support

We are promoting support activities to address women’s specific health issues. In FY2023, as in FY2022, we hosted an online seminar by an outside lecturer (physician) on the topic of “Gynecological Malignant Tumors and Menopausal Disorders.”

  • Participants: 180 men and women; streamed in an on-demand format: 1,700 views
  • Survey evaluation: 99% of participants or viewers indicated their satisfaction with the seminar content

Going forward, we will continue to actively deploy initiatives focused on women's specific health issues.

Health Support for Expatriate Employees

As of the end of FY2023, there are approximately 150 Japanese expatriate employees stationed at our overseas sites.

Industrial physicians, health care personnel and nurses are assigned to provide consultation on everyday matters of health, in addition to counseling before departure and on return to Japan as health support for expatriate employees. This initiative includes support for both expatriate employees and their families.

In addition to the statutory health examinations for expatriate employees required on departure and return to Japan, employees can undergo physical examinations (for the items covered in the comprehensive medical examination) during temporary returns to Japan. We are thus working to ensure that physical examinations are taken, as well as to enhance post-medical examination measures based on the results of examinations.

Further, industrial physicians are dispatched on a regular basis to overseas subsidiaries to upgrade the quality of health management for expatriate employees.

Action on Infectious Diseases

In addition to general precautionary measures, we have developed our own in-house guidelines to combat infectious diseases and implement appropriate measures aligned to the needs of particular work duties.

Examples of activities in FY2023

  • Implementation of Hepatitis B antigen/antibody tests and vaccinations for all employees who visit medical institutions in the line of their work duties
  • Education on preventing infectious diseases
  • Drafting of vaccination guidelines and implementation of vaccinations for expatriate employees, their families, and those undertaking business trips
  • Partial coverage of expenses for influenza vaccination
  • COVID-19 vaccination at workplaces (26,755 employees, including contractors and temporary employees, were vaccinated over the first, second, third, and fourth rounds of vaccinations at all Olympus workplaces in Japan in FY2022 and FY2023.)

Other Support Activities for Partner Companies

Besides Olympus’ provision of health support to both our employees and their families, we also offer such support to our partner companies.

Examples of activities in FY2023

  • Joint implementation of workplace vaccinations
  • Held a health management seminar at a general meeting for distributors (conducted by the supervising industrial physician)

Activity Results

Item Respective topics and outcomes
Creating five healthy lifestyle habits Average number (persons) with five healthy lifestyle habits FY2022 FY2023 Target for activities
3.5 3.4 Improve over previous year
Medical examination & post-medical examination measures
Cancer screening
Topic Item Unit FY2022 FY2023
Regular medical examination & post-medical examination measures Rate of taking medical examinations
(excluding long-term absentees)
% 100 100
Rate of employees in whom health issues were detected Blood pressure % 15.4 16.1
Blood lipids % 28.5 28
Blood sugar % 6.8 6.9
Rate of follow-up interviews 15.8 19.5
Rate of implementation of follow-up interviews 99.1 99.5
Cancer screening Stomach cancer % 82.9 83.2
Colorectal cancer % 80.4 80.7
Breast cancer % 74.4 74.5
Uterine cancer % 69.2 69.3
Creating mental health Percentage of employees with high stress Rate of taking of stress checks % 90.9 91.8
Rate of employees with high stress % 15 14.8
Rate of employees wishing to avail of consultations who underwent consultation % 100 100
Absenteeism※1 Days per person/year 0.99 Scheduled to be reflected in June
Presenteeism※2 % - 7.7
Rate change compared to previous year on health care expenditures per employee % -2.3% (to be calculated in March 2024)

1 Total yearly average for all employees of absences from non-occupational injuries or accidents

2 Rate of self-evaluations of 69% or lower from surveys using University of Tokyo Single-Item Presenteeism Question (0-100%)

Overseas Activities

North America

Olympus Corporation of the Americas (U.S.A)

OCA Be Well Program

The Be Well program provides various resources and wellness activities to support overall employee well-being in the physical, emotional, environmental, economic, and social domains. Every week, virtual classes are held on “Wellness Wednesday,” focusing on mental health and well-being, nutrition, work-life balance, and fitness. In FY2023, we collaborated with external experts to promote 56 wellness classes, conducted over 30 in-person wellness education sessions, and issued a monthly wellness newsletter. We also organized monthly courses targeting over 1,000 employees and their families, available online and on demand. Additionally, we raised employee awareness through activities such as Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, Lung Cancer Awareness Month, and a Health Challenge (step count and walking).

Mental Health Awareness Training

We have initiated training courses aimed at increasing awareness of mental health, including general signs and symptoms of mental health issues. In FY2023, in collaboration with the Diversity & Inclusion department, we conducted a “Mental Health Seminar by Certified Physicians” for members of the mental health support team, with nine employees participating. Additionally, we organized mental health training for managers, with 85 employees taking part in the program.

Know Your Number Challenge

We conducted an event called the “Know Your Number Challenge” for all employees, aiming to educate them about their BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar levels.


Olympus Europa SE & Co. KG (Germany)

First Aid Training

There are 74 first aiders (individuals trained in first aid) within the company, and 24 field staff members who have received training. In FY2023, a total of nine first aid trainings were conducted (in house), and many employees who are proponents of first aid participated.

Healthy Living

As part of a health campaign, we collaborated with a company that operates fitness studios to conduct online seminars focusing on ergonomics for home offices and company offices, and on healthy nutrition.

Olympus UK & Ireland (U.K.)

Chiropractic event

We had screenings conducted by chiropractors from a chiropractic clinic, with 28 employees participating.

Mental Health First Aider Training

We conducted training sessions on acquiring tools and techniques for addressing mental health issues, and the participants are now actively serving as internal counselors within the company.

China/Hong Kong

Olympus Corporation of Asia Pacific Limited Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

2022 Work-Life Balance Week

We organized an event called “Work-Life Balance Week” with the aim of achieving a balance between work and personal life and enhancing health consciousness. We established various themes such as dietary habits, exercise, self-care, and positive work habits. We conducted daily activities to promote collaboration and enjoyment among participants during the event.

Olympus (Beijing, Shanghai) Sales & Service Co., Ltd. (Beijing, Shanghai)

Lectures on Mental Health

We held a mental health seminar on stress management techniques and on mindsets, with 65 employees participating.

Lecture on Protecting Teeth Health

A seminar conducted by a dentist on maintaining oral hygiene was held, and dental check-ups were provided, with 60 employees participating.

Olympus (GuangZhou) Industrial Co., Ltd. (Shanghai)

Implementation of Health Month Activities

As part of Health Month, all employees were encouraged to strengthen their health awareness and develop healthy habits. They set a monthly step count goal on an app, and 79 employees (69%) successfully achieved their goals.


Olympus Singapore Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)

First Aid Training

Employees participated in first aid training organized by the Red Cross with the aim of being able to provide first aid in emergencies and manage emergency situations. They acquired the knowledge and skills necessary for methods that include bandaging, immobilizing fractures, and effective CPR.

Olympus Korea Co., Ltd. (Korea)

Going-on Walk

Every year, we organize an activity called “Going-on Walk” with the aim of raising awareness about cancer, promoting participants' health, and engaging in environmental clean-up efforts. Cancer survivors and employees walk together while picking up litter. In 2023, a total of 67 cancer survivors, employees, and their families participated in the activity.

Olympus (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Thailand)

Improve Annual Health Check Up

We have expanded our health screening program, offering gastroscopies (for individuals aged 35 and above) and colonoscopies (for individuals aged 45 and above) in 2022. In addition, to promote endoscopic examinations, we have appointed ambassadors who actively share the need of undergoing these screenings and encourage participation.

Olympus Australia Pty Ltd (Australia)

The Run for the Kids

We have been participating in the "Run for the Kids" community event in Melbourne for 14 consecutive years, which encourages exercise among employees and promotes healthy habits.