Cancer Awareness Activities

Olympus group global cancer awareness activity

As a leading global medical technology company with key products in the field of gastric and colorectal cancer screening, detection and treatment, the Olympus Group bears a great social responsibility. It takes more than our innovative products to fulfill our Purpose to make people's lives healthier and more fulfilling.
At the Olympus Group, we address relevant social issues by promoting impactful cancer awareness activities that generate outcomes for beneficiaries such as public citizens like potential cancer patients and nonprofit partners on a global scale.
We, the Olympus Group, also conduct internal awareness campaigns for employees.
Accordingly, our cancer awareness activities contribute to a positive social change in the area of healthcare with the aim of improving the awareness and knowledge of prevention and early detection of cancer amongst our communities and employees.
In addition to raising awareness about cancer, we also focus on wellness activities that comfort cancer patients and their families during the healing process.

FY2023 result

The Olympus Group conducted following activities in FY2022, under the newly developing situations by COVID-19, which restricted its capacity and opportunity world widely.

Region Cancer Awareness Youth Education
Japan 20 10
Americas 13 2
Europe 4 14
Asia(excluding Japan) 12 0