Simplify Cleanliness Analysis with the OLYMPUS CIX100 Turnkey
Technical Cleanliness Solution

November 16, 2016

The OLYMPUS CIX100 technical cleanliness control system

The OLYMPUS CIX100 technical cleanliness control system is designed to meet the cleanliness requirements of both modern industry and national and international directives for evaluating particulate contamination of manufactured components and parts. The fully motorized system is optimized for high-throughput, accuracy and repeatability. Step-by-step user guidance minimizes human errors, maximizes productivity and helps ensure that manufacturers can maintain the highest quality standards.

The OLYMPUS CIX100 system is a dedicated turnkey solution for high-performance image acquisition and accurate live analytics of both reflective and non-reflective particles using an innovative polarization method. This all-in-one-scan solution completes scans twice as fast as other inspection systems. Before inspection even starts, the system presents an overview image to assist the user in identifying filter coverage or particle clusters. During the scan, counted and sorted particles are displayed live and sorted into size classes, supporting real-time decision making for reprocessing and helping ensure a fast reaction time in case of a failed test. The scanned filter membrane is automatically saved for reprocessing or recalculation. Other features include:

  • Reproducible observation conditions and high-image quality
  • Integrated calibration and maintenance tools that help ensure settings are always correct
  • Live processing of contaminant particles ranging from 2.5 µm up to 42 mm
  • Image stitching that automatically reconstructs images of large particles
  • Results automatically classified, updated and clearly displayed
  • Available in seven languages

The advanced hardware and software of the OLYMPUS CIX100 inspection system combine durability and speed to simplify the cleanliness inspection process. Every system is pre-aligned at the factory for excellent optical performance and reproducible observation conditions. The integrated, leading-edge optics, high-quality imaging sensor and dedicated workflows guide operators through the entire process, minimizing errors and making it possible for even inexperienced users to generate reliable results. Integrated calibration and maintenance tools help ensure that the settings are correct. Together, this seamless integration of hardware and software reduces cycle time, cost-per-test and handling errors to optimize the cleanliness inspection process.

The OLYMPUS CIX100 system offers smart and sophisticated software tools that simplify technical cleanliness analysis and reporting. Thumbnail images of all detected contaminants are linked with their dimensional measurements, making reviewing, revising and recalculating particle data simple. The system utilizes predefined templates that comply with industry standards, enabling easy one-click digital documentation of the inspection results in Microsoft Word for easy exporting and emailing. Report templates help inexperienced operators avoid mistakes, and can be easily modified to meet the needs of your company.

The OLYMPUS CIX100 system's functionality can be enhanced with an available height measurement solution consisting of a 20X objective and special software to fulfill the VDA 19 requirements for height measurements. For selected particles, the height measurement is performed either automatically or manually, and the calculated height value is listed as an additional data field in the results sheet.

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