Introducing CX43 and CX33 Biological MicroscopesDesigned for Ease-of-Use from the User's Perspective

April 3, 2017

Olympus Corporation (President: Hiroyuki Sasa) today announced that its Scientific Solutions Business is commencing the worldwide release of its biological microscope CX43 and CX33 that are especially designed for ease-of-use from the user's perspective.

Olympus's biological microscopes, which are highly acclaimed by users, are utilized in a wide range of areas including life science research, various types of microscopic tests, and practical microscope training at universities. The CX series in particular is used on a regular basis in a variety of different tests.

The newly released CX43 and CX33 models were developed based on a consideration of the ease-of-use sought from microscopes used in everyday tests. In addition to reduced fatigue after long observations and support for a wide range of observational methods using simple operations, these models offer low running costs by using LED light sources while enabling observations with natural coloration. Olympus designed these microscopes for everyday use by meticulously implementing ease-of-use from the user's perspective.

Release Overview

Product Name Release Date
CX43 and CX33 Biological Microscopes April 3, 2017

Main Features

  • Designed to reduce stress, even over long periods of observation
  • Supports a wide range of observational methods with simple operations
  • The use of LED light sources achieves both low running costs and observations with natural color

CX43 Biological Microscope

Launch Background

Since those working at testing laboratories must observe many samples on a daily basis, there has been demand for a "microscope that enables efficient observation and testing over long periods of observation with less stress." In order to respond to this demand, Olympus is releasing the CX43 and CX33 Biological Microscope models to the market, both of which are especially designed for everyday ease-of-use from the user's view.

Details of Main Features

1. A design that reduces stress, even over long periods of observation

The stage is approximately 70 mm lower than on previous models, resulting in a large space underneath the eyepiece that makes it easier to check or swap samples. The stage knob used to move the sample and the focus knob used to adjust the focus have both been lowered so that they can be easily manipulated with the hands resting on the desk. This design allows for comfortable observations with less fatigue, even during test work that extends over long period of time.

A lower stage enables more comfortable observation

Focus knob can be controlled while resting hands on the desk

2. A wide range of observational methods are supported using simple operations

There are a variety of different types of condensers*1 designed for different object lenses and observational methods, but the universal condenser in the CX43 can be used with objectives from 2X to 100X, and supports brightfield, darkfield, and phase contrast observations. This eliminates the hassle of replacing the condenser during observations with a wide range of magnifications and observational methods.

Universal condenser part

*1 A condenser gathers light and illuminates the sample. Since appropriate illumination methods differ depending on the observational method, condensers are usually swapped out depending on the application.

3. A LED light source enables observations in natural colors with low running costs

The included LED light source conserves electricity while offering a long life span (approximately 60,000 hours),*2 both eliminating the hassle of swapping out the light source while offering low running costs. The LED light source used is suited for use in tests so that stained samples can be observed with natural colors.

*2 Based on Olympus' criteria.

Main specifications of the CX43

Optical System UIS2 optical system (infinity-corrected)
Revolving Nosepiece Quintuple-nosepiece revolver, fixed arm, inward tilt
Condenser Abbe condenser aperture NA 1.25, aperture diaphragm incorporated
Eyepiece 10X (field number: 20, anti-fungus)

Olympus's Scientific Solutions Business
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