Olympus Provi™ CM20 Wins Highest Honor in World-Renowned Design Competition

June 8, 2022

WALTHAM, Mass., (June 7, 2022)—Evident, a wholly owned subsidiary of Olympus Corporation, is proud to announce that its Olympus Provi™ CM20 incubation monitoring system is the 2022 recipient of the prestigious “Best of the Best” award in the Product Design category of the Red Dot Design Award. This award is bestowed on a product that the Red Dot Jury deems as groundbreaking and is the highest honor given in this world-renowned design competition.

Pioneering Design of the CM20 Incubation Monitoring System

The CM20 incubation monitoring system automatically measures the number and density of cells in a cell culture and enables users to monitor cells remotely while the culture vessel is in an incubator that maintains an endogenous-like environment. Cell culture operations, which were traditionally dependent on the user’s experience, technology and skill have been streamlined through the CM20 system’s monitoring and quantification features, helping improve researchers’ work efficiency and experiment consistency.

To learn more about the Olympus Provi CM20 incubation monitoring system, visit www.olympus-lifescience.com/cell_culture_solution/cm20/.

About the Red Dot Design Award

The Red Dot Design Award is one of the world’s largest design competitions and is sponsored by the highly reputed German design institution Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen. There are three annual competitions, divided according to these disciplines: Product Design, Brands & Communication Design and Design Concept. The winners are chosen by an impartial panel of international experts who meet once a year to evaluate the participating products, communication projects, design concepts and prototypes from a wide range of fields. In the Product Design competition, designs that have been commercialized within the past two years are subject to review according to nine criteria, including design innovation, functionality, ergonomics, ecology and durability. For more information, visit www.red-dot.org.


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