BX Series

The BX Series (BX40, BX50, BX60), launched in 1993, used a novel Y-shaped design for the microscope body. The series featured superior operability, excellent rigidity, and first-class optical performance. A wide range of accessories was also available to expand the range of observations possible. Olympus succeeded in providing the optimal viewing environment for all observations.
At the same time as developing the UIS objective lens, Olympus worked on designing a Y-shaped microscope body in a bid to further evolve the AH2, BH2, and CH2 Series and establish a global leadership position. There was heated debate amongst the developers from the concept generation stage, but unstinting efforts and expertise by the development and manufacturing divisions resulted in the debut of this product with the tagline "Yes is the answer." YES is an acronym for Y-shaped ergonomy, Excellent optics, System versatility.
This product range took the competition by surprise and was extremely well received by microscope users.