GX Series

The PMG2, PMG3, and PME3, which were developed out of the PMF, were then combined with the cutting-edge UIS optical system (infinity correction) to produce the GX Series.
Olympus launched the GX71/51 Series in 2001. The use of UIS optics resulted in bright, high-resolution imaging. With this series, a microscope system could be built to meet specific research objectives by combining various image-recording devices, such as a digital camera, film camera (large format or 35mm film), or video camera. This inverted metallurgical microscope series provided optimal optical performance for all imaging, including observations, digital imaging, and photographic film images. The GX41, launched in 2004, produced bright, high-resolution images, while providing excellent cost performance. This compact inverted metallurgical microscope featured UIS optics and was designed for testing metal samples, electronic components, or automotive parts.