Facts & Figures

  • 1.9 million
    New Incidents of Colon Cancer*

    *Source: GLOBOCAN 2020

  • 51 million
    Colonoscopies Performed

    *Numbers of the US, Canada, Poland, South Korea, Australia, India, and Russia: As of 2022 Japan: As of 2020 China, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the UK: As of 2019

  • 100
    Diseases or Conditions Treated

    At Olympus we have versatile medical devices
    with the ability to treat approximately
    100* diseases or conditions

    *As of March 2023

  • TOP 3
    Cancers Treated

    Olympus provides products/solutions for lung, colorectum and stomach
    - Three cancers from the top 5* highest incidence of cancers
    *Top 3 highest incidence of cancers excluding breast and prostate cancer, as of March 2022.
    Source: GLOBOCAN 2020

  • 32,805
    Employees Worldwide*1

    *1: As of March 2023, Including discontinued operation 4,124

    Countries or Regions*2

    *2: As of March 2023

  • ¥881.9 bn
    Total Medical
    Revenue FY2023*

    Medical Business occupies
    the largest part of our revenue

    *Figures are fiscal year revenues as of March 2023

  • 70%
    Global Market Share*

    Olympus is the leader in
    gastrointestinal endoscopic equipment

    *As of Oct 2022

  • 291

    Since 1966, Olympus has been consistently
    honored with national and international design
    awards for its innovative product designs.*

    *As of March 2023

  • 14,000

    across our product portfolio*

    *As of March 2023

  • CO2“0”
    Net zero CO2 emissions by 2030

    We set as a target of achieving net zero CO2 emissions by 2030 from our site operations

  • TOP 100
    Global Innovator

    Since 2012 to 2020, and in 2022 and
    2023, Olympus has been awarded
    as one of the top 100 most
    innovative companies in the world.
    https://clarivate.com/top-100-innovators/ 新規タブで開きます