Profile (Yasuo Takeuchi)

  • Director, Representative Executive Officer, President and CEO Yasuo Takeuchi

    Date of birth: February 25, 1957

April 1980 Joined Olympus
April 2005 General Division Manager, Olympus Medical Systems Corp.
April 2009 Director, Olympus Europa Holding GmbH
June 2009 Corporate Officer, Olympus
October 2011 Executive Managing Director and Chairman of the Board, Olympus Europa Holding GmbH
April 2012
  • Director, Olympus (present)
  • Senior Corporate Managing Officer, Olympus
  • Group President of Group Management Office, Olympus
  • Chairman of the Board, Olympus Corporation of the Americas (present)
  • Director, Olympus Corporation of Asia Pacific Limited
March 2013 Administrative Board and Managing Director, Olympus Europa Holding SE
April 2015 Head of Corporate Management Office, Olympus
April 2016
  • Director, Vice President, Olympus
  • Chief Financial Officer, Olympus
  • Chief Regional Representative Officer, Olympus
April 2019
  • Representative Director, Olympus
  • President, Olympus
  • Chief Executive Officer, Olympus (present)
June 2019 Representative Executive Officer, President, Olympus (present)

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