The Olympus Communication Symbol

The combined Olympus Logo and yellow auxiliary element (Opto-Digital Pattern) is known as the Olympus Communication Symbol. It is designed to visually express the Olympus brand identity.

In use since 1970, the Olympus Logo has been carefully designed to convey an impression of high-quality and refinement. The design of the Opto-Digital Pattern communicates an image of light with the potential for infinite expansion. It represents the Opto-Digital Technology and dynamic innovative capabilities unique to Olympus.

This Communication Symbol serves the important function of showing that Olympus stands behind its products while, at the same time, communicating the Olympus brand image.

Corporate Slogan

The Olympus corporate slogan, "Your Vision, Our Future," is used to communicate the Olympus brand essence-the creation and realization of dreams for people around the world.

Your Vision, Our Future

A young doctor posed a simple question: "Can't a camera manufacturer come up with a gastrocamera?" He came to Olympus with a mission to save as many people as possible from stomach cancer. By 1950, our engineers had completed a gastrocamera through trial and error to help this young doctor realize his dream.

The idea behind the slogan "Your Vision, Our Future" is to thoroughly understand the dreams and wishes of our customers, and to create products through never-ending research. This is the fundamental spirit of our corporate activities that has endured since our founding.

From endoscopes that help save lives, to digital cameras that stimulate emotions, and products that provide security and peace of mind, Olympus continues R&D activities under an integrated global structure. Not content to let dreams remain only a dream, Olympus believes that its mission is to take on challenges and create new value in the world.

"Your Vision, Our Future"

Turning People's Ideas and Dreams into Reality