Career Professions Day

Event Name Career Professions Day
Organizer Instituição Criança Brasil, Olympus Optical do Brasil, Ltda.
Sponsorship Olympus Corporation of the Americas
Date 12 March, 2019
Venue Sao Paulo / Brazil
Participants (Type / Numbers) 14 teenagers assisted by the Institution (12-14 years old), 10 Olympus employees
Event Outline Olympus hosted 14 teenagers with Instituição Criança Brasil that have been part of the lecture series during 2018 fiscal year. Employees presented career opportunities and their professional experience. The goal is to show them the importance of education and commitment to have a better future. After round table discussion, students have a tour and see Olympus' facilities. Teenagers did a tour at Olympus' office and the Olympus employees' volunteers presented different departments in the company with a brief explanation of what function occurs in each.

Lecture & Discussion

Office Tour