Future Maker's Event

Event Name Future Maker's Event
Organizer Erie County Economic Development Corporation
Sponsorship Olympus Surgical Technologies America
Date October 8 ~ 9, 2019
Venue Ohio / United States of America
Participants About 1,500 students
Event Outline Olympus Norwalk participates in the annual Future Maker's Event, an interactive display of local employers' innovative products and technology to promote manufacturing at an early age. 9th graders from the surrounding counties visit approximately 25 ~ 30 areas manufacturing INTERACTIVE booths. In the evening, students encourage their families to come back and visit the booths as well so that parents can see the alternatives to college if desired. One of Norwalk's engineers, Allen Jones, was selected two years in a row to be interviewed about working in engineering!! The team played operation with a BNP device, used microscopes to find Waldo, assembled image systems, and so much more over the years. This year, the team hosted a lego building exercise.

Olympus Booth(1)

Olympus Booth(2)

Olympus Staff Members