Olympus Arogya Bachpan Program (Sect-14, Gurgaon)

Event Name Olympus Arogya Bachpan Program (Sect-14, Gurgaon)
Organizer School Health Annual Report Program
Sponsorship / Cooperation Olympus Medical Systems India Private Limited
Date 5-7 March, 11-13 March, 2020
Venue Gurgaon, Haryana / India
Participants 500 Primary & Middle school students, 15 teachers, (Sect-14, Gurgaon)
Event Outline Olympus in India with its commitment for the service of society and under the program name Olympus Arogya Bachpan Program, we have conducted health and hygiene program at Govt. Primary & Middle School, Sect-14, Gurgaon (Haryana), India where total 500 students has participated in this activities. Below are the activities which we did in 6 days in-campus;
  1. Health and hygiene education including good and bad habits and good touch and bad touch
  2. Basic health check-ups like eyes, sanitary napkin vending machine etc. and support for future treatment
  3. Provided health kits to all the kids
  4. Training of teachers, school management committee and administrator towards creating the skills to keep the soup warm
  5. Awareness posters across school for future reminders and reference

General Health Check-ups

Health and Hygiene Education

Eye Check-up

Distribution of Health Kit