Innovate the Future - 2019 Olympus Optical Technology Tour (Shanghai)

Event Name Innovate the Future - 2019 Olympus Optical Technology Tour (Shanghai)
Organizer Shanghai Science & Technology Museum
Sponsorship Olympus (Beijing) Sales & Service Co., Ltd.
Date 21, 22 September, 2019
Venue Shanghai / China
Participants 436 teenagers and their guardians
Event Outline Olympus started to hold the Olympus Optical Technology Tour since 2014. Three series events were planned in 2019, and this event held in Shanghai Science & Technology Museum is the last one.
In the event, a section called WE ARE DOCTORS is arranged for teenagers, with Olympus products hands-on experience and intestinal and gastric health knowledge. In this section, teenagers can act as doctors, using endoscopy to help the “patient” (a toy bear) cure his disease, while in the meantime, get medical knowledge.
Besides medical experience activity, a CAREER DREAM WALL is also set, inspiring their future career choices after experiencing the equipment of all Olympus business groups. Teenagers can vote for their dream job on a sticker with their name on it. Scientist and doctor are the most popular careers.
In total 436 teenagers participated in WE ARE DOCTORS, 274 stickers were posted on the CAREER DREAM WALL.