The 60th "Wakuwaku Science Class" (Yui Junior High School)

Event Name The 60th "Wakuwaku Science Class" (Yui Junior High School)
Organizer Hachioji City Yui Junior High School
Sponsorship Olympus Wakuwaku Project
Date 15 June, 2019
Venue Tokyo / Japan
Participants 185 junior high school students, 28 Olympus employees
Event Outline The Olympus Wakuwaku Project, a volunteer circle mainly consisted of the Olympus group employees, held the 60th Wakuwaku Science Class. At the Hachioji City Yui Junior High School, a total of 185 students (4th grade student and a 2nd grade student) were given classes by 28 volunteer staff who were sharing their roles.
The six programs "Kaleidoscopic Work," "Camera Obscula," "Wonder of Color," "Light Illusion," "What is the Endoscope?" and "Micro World" were conducted, and the students learned science with an interest in getting explanations of the principles and doing the work. Above all, in the Camera Obscula program, they created a camera obscula using magnifying glasses, observed it, and drawn the principles of the camera. When the outside scenery was reflected through their camera obscula, the students shouted with joy.

Camera Obscura: Work, Observation and Drawing

Wonder of Color: Working into a Transparent Plate and Observing the Appearance of Color

Micro World: Microscopic Observation

What is the Endoscope?: Checking the Light from the Distal End of the Endoscope