Science Class for Kids (Hachioji City)

Event Name Science Class for Kids (Hachioji City)
Organizer Hachioji City Board of Education
Sponsorship Olympus Corporation
Date 2 August, 2019
Venue Tokyo / Japan
Participants About 110 children (six grade) and their guardians
Event Outline The Olympus Technology Development Center recently welcomed approximately 110 sixth-graders from elementary schools in Hachioji city, as well as their parents, for a company tour and science class. Hachioji City Board of Education, which organized the event, plans visits by students to local businesses with the hope of sparking elementary school students’ interest in science, and Olympus, along with other local enterprises, has hosted such visits every year since 2017. During the recent visit, the students were given a brief introduction to Olympus before proceeding to learn about the histories, roles, and mechanisms of endoscopes, medical treatment devices using with endoscopes, microscopes and cameras, all of which were explained in simple terms. The students also had an opportunity to handle these products themselves. Some of the feedback given by the students after the visit is shown below:
“I learned so much by peeking into the interior of the stomach model through an endoscope.” “Microscopes are cool because they let you see tiny details of an object invisible to the naked eye, like a grain of star-shaped sand and a printed circuit board.” “It was fun taking pictures with a DSLR camera.”

Children Raising Their Hands to Quiz

Endoscope Hands-on

Digital Camera Hands-on

Microscope Hands-on

Olympus Staff Members Group Photo (AM)

Olympus Staff Members Group Photo (PM)