Microscope Kids Class & Factory Tour (Shinmei Elementary School: Aug. 28)

Event Name Microscope Kids Class & Factory Tour (Shinmei Elementary School: Aug. 28)
Organizer Okaya City Shinmei Elementary School, Olympus Corporation
Sponsorship Nagano Olympus Co., Ltd.
Date 28 August, 2019
Venue Nagano / Japan
Participants 25 students (5th grade), 1 teacher
Event Outline This event was realized through a network obtained from microscope cleaning activities for local schools that had been implemented in the past. As part of industrial learning for fifth grade children, we provide them an opportunity to learn about local companies’ manufacturing.
At the Microscope Kids Class, employees introduced children the history of microscopes and the scenes in which microscopes are useful, and at the factory tour, children saw the process of real producing microscopes. In the product operation experience, the specimens brought by each person were observed with a microscope, and they were impressed when something that could not be seen with the naked eye was seen with a microscope. The children who saw an industrial endoscope for the first time, they hesitated to touch the product uneasy, but expressed joy when they could see the object in the pipe with a small diameter scope.


Microscope Hands-on

Industrial Endoscope Hands-on