Junior Internship

Event Name Junior Internship
Organizer Aizuwakamatsu City
Sponsorship Aizu Olympus Corporation
Date 11, 12 September, 2019
Venue Aizuwakamatsu / Japan
Participants 5 junior high school students
Event Outline On September 11 and 12, Aizu Olympus gave five eighth graders from a local school the opportunity to attend a workplace experience program aimed at helping students focus more on their future career paths through experiential learning experiences held in corporate settings, and also improving their awareness of local businesses. Over the two days of the program, the students attended a lecture on endoscopes and were given a variety of training tasks, such as building camera obscuras and engaging in lens polishing, which they worked on with great seriousness. The students took a particular interest in endoscopic products after a hands-on experience with endoscopes, which are rarely available for the average person to touch, let alone operate. The students also ate lunch at the employee cafeteria alongside actual Olympus employees. Following the visit, the students sent a thank you note for a “very meaningful workplace experience.”


Surgical Endoscope Hands-on

Camera Obscura Workshop

Group Photo