Niigata Meikun High School Company Visit

Event Name Niigata Meikun High School Company Visit
Organizer Niigata Meikun High School
Sponsorship Olympus Corporation
Date October 11, 2019
Venue Tokyo / Japan
Participants 4 students
Event Outline Olympus Headquarters welcomed students from Niigata Meikun Senior High School. After getting an outline of Olympus’ corporate history, the students learned about medical endoscopes and treatment tools before examining a variety of microscopes in the showroom and trying their hand at operating products. The students’ company visit was planned as part of a school trip, reflecting their strong interest in Olympus. As part of a fieldwork project conducted during the trip, the students were asked to “gather information on the activities and other aspects of a medical equipment business.” A post-tour report by the students read: “After attending lectures and operating medical devices, we gained a firsthand appreciation of the deep passion for and dedication to the medical field at Olympus, and we are grateful for the opportunity to get in-depth knowledge about the history and underlying philosophy of Olympus through Q&A. In particular, the experience of operating endoscopes and microscopes, which we rarely encounter in our daily lives, was very interesting and extremely precious to us. Thank you again for letting us have these valuable experiences while we are still students – what we learned at Olympus will guide us through our student days and help us decide our future paths.”

Endoscope Hands-on Experience

Microscope Hands-on Experience