Aizu-Brand "Monozukuri (Manufacturing)" Fair 2019

Event Name Aizu-Brand "Monozukuri (Manufacturing)" Fair 2019
Organizer Aizuwakamatsu City
Sponsorship Aizu Olympus Corporation
Date October 19 ~ 20, 2019
Venue Aizuwakamatsu / Japan
Participants 16,900 citizens
Event Outline The Aizu-Brand Monozukuri Fair is an event that showcases the arts and craftsmanship of local masters and skilled craftsmen, as well as the products and activities of local companies engaged in manufacturing (monozukuri). Another important aim of this event is to encourage local children, who are the future of the community, to experience and practice the basics of the arts of monozukuri. Held in Aizu-Wakamatsu, the two-day event was attended by about 16,900 people this year. The Olympus booth attracted many visitors, both young and old, who enjoyed the “Colon Cave”, a gigantic model of a colon made of balloons, which was on display to help visitors learn about diseases affecting the large intestine, as well as a colon cancer quiz rally, in which visitors searched for answers by checking different parts of the booth. Together with an activity that allowed visitors to operate endoscopes, the activities offered by our booth helped raise public awareness about colon cancer.

COLON CAVE Experience(1)

COLON CAVE Experience(2)

Colon Cancer Quiz Rally

Endoscope Hands-on Experience

Group Photo