Oshigoto Taiken Hiroba (Work Experience Square) "Kids Hello Work"

Event Name Oshigoto Taiken Hiroba (Work Experience Square) "Kids Hello Work"
Organizer Executive Committee of Oshigoto Taiken Hiroba Kids Hello Work
Sponsorship Aomori Olympus Co., Ltd. and others
Date October 20, 2019
Venue Aomori / Japan
Participants 56 students of elementary school (at Olympus booth)
Event Outline Aomori Olympus took part in Hello Work Job Square for Kids, a hands-on workshop giving the children who will shape the future of society a chance to learn about various occupational possibilities. A variety of jobs, ranging from well-known positions through to occupations based in the local community, were presented to the children, who learned a great deal about these different jobs by experiencing them firsthand. The event was designed to help kids understand the community, region and society in which they live, and teach them how society moves forward by having its population work, get paid and spend money. It was also aimed at encouraging children to recognize that “work is fun” and “it’s great to be a grownup.” The event’s Olympus booth hosted an “Endoscope Class for Kids,” which was attended by 56 elementary school children. The children learned about the functions, history and mechanism of endoscopic medical devices, and gained hands-on experience operating endoscopes.

Lecture of Endoscopes(1)

Lecture of Endoscopes(2)

Endoscope Hands-on Experience(1)

Endoscope Hands-on Experience(2)