Olympus Museum Visit (Matsugaya Elementary School Field Trip)

Event Name Olympus Museum Visit (Matsugaya Elementary School Field Trip)
Organizer Hachioji Matsugaya Elementary School
Sponsorship Olympus Corporation
Date December 17, 2019
Venue Tokyo / Japan
Participants 57 fifth grade students of elementary school
Event Outline 57 fifth graders from Matsugaya Elementary School in Hachioji visited the Olympus Museum as part of a project to study the evolution of the manufacturing industry in Japan. Following a brief introduction on Olympus’ corporate history, the students built their own camera obscuras, which helped them understand the basics of camera mechanisms, and then took a tour of the Museum. The students listened attentively to the docent and showed great interest as they operated the devices on display. During the post-tour Q&A session, they asked several innocent and unexpected questions, such as wondering why we joined Olympus.

Camera Obscura

Digital Camera Hands-on Experience

Surgical Endoscope Hands-on Experience

Studying Industrial Endoscope