Olympus Museum Visit (Minamitama Secondary Education School)

Event Name Olympus Museum Visit (Minamitama Secondary Education School)
Organizer JTB Corp., Tokyo Metropolitan Minamitama Secondary Education School
Sponsorship Olympus Corporation
Date December 23, 2019
Venue Tokyo / Japan
Participants 32 students, 2 teachers
Event Outline Junior students from Minamitama Secondary School visited the Olympus Museum to gain technical information useful for deciding on a future course of study and potential career path in scientific and technical fields. The visitors were introduced to the history of Olympus and its achievements in the scientific, imaging and medical businesses, as well as its technological evolution, and then visited the section of the museum where products on display may be touched and operated by visitors. Post-visit comments from the students included the following: “I discovered that a broad range of processes is involved in the production of each product, and each product is brought to the world only after several difficulties or bottlenecks are resolved.” “I thought Olympus was just a manufacturer of camera lenses. I was surprised to discover the company’s medical and scientific businesses.” “Endoscope technology is becoming very advanced all around the world.”

Explaining about Technology of Cameras

Microscope Hands-on Experience

Group Photo