Cancer Awareness Campaign
- Shine a Light on Cancer -

As a responsible corporate citizen, Olympus is implementing a global Cancer Awareness Campaign, drawing on the technological capabilities and knowledge of our Medical business.

On this page, we will be publishing a variety of useful articles and other content aimed at raising cancer awareness. We will also share a monthly report of our activities around the globe, as we increase our efforts to mark the Company's 100th Anniversary and aim to hold a cancer awareness event somewhere in the world every month.


Learn about cancer!
Cancer is a disease we are all familiar with, yet our daily lives may offer us few opportunities to really think about cancer. To help you learn more, we will share additional information on this page including articles on healthy living as it relates to cancer. (Content to be updated regularly)

Global Event Report
"Cancer Awareness Event Somewhere in the World Every Month"

Our goal is to hold a Cancer Awareness Event somewhere in the world every month!
Here, we will describe the Olympus Group's Cancer Awareness Campaign initiatives in locations around the world. Our aim in holding these events is to contribute to society by making people's lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling. (Reports to be updated monthly)