Olympus 100th Year Celebration

Event Name Olympus 100th Year Celebration
Organizer Olympus Corporation of the Americas
Date 11 October, 2019
Venue Florida / United States
Participants 45 employees of Olympus Corporation of the Americas
Event Outline Part of the Olympus 100th Year Celebration, Miami office of Olympus Corporation of the Americas worked with Impact 4 Good, a company that runs socially conscious teambuilding programs, to plan an event that would be competitive and fun for participants, while making a difference. The program selected was called “Quiz Whiz – Beats to Beat Cancer Edition”. During the activity, approximately 45 participants were separated into 10 teams and tasked with answering challenging sets of trivia questions as a team. Teams were given electronic tablets to act as their answer pad. Each team collaborated on choosing the right answer from a variety of options, pooling their collective knowledge to try and figure out the right answers. Points were awarded for correct answers, as well as bonus points for the fastest correct answer! After the points were tallied and the winning team determined, the teams received the materials needed to assemble “Beads to Beat Cancer” Awareness bracelets that will be shared with patients supported by the Colorectal Cancer Alliance.

group photo of participants

Teams choosing the right answer

Cake for Olympus 100th Year Celebration