Olympus Night at the Lehigh Valley Phantoms

Event Name Olympus Night at the Lehigh Valley Phantoms
Organizer Olympus Corporation of the Americas
Sponsorship Colon Cancer Coalition
Date 1 March, 2020
Venue Pennsylvania / United States
Participants 150
Event Outline This is the fifth annual sponsorship of the Phantoms in support of Colon Cancer Awareness. Our sponsorship allowed us to post flyers and tent cards around the facility promoting colon cancer awareness and the testing ages, gave us a 5 minute spot on the one of our local news channels (time that we used to promote colon cancer awareness) and digital signage in the ice arena, and allowed us to bring our Colon Cancer Mascot (Earl E Detection) to the game to drop the first puck of the night on the ice and provide photo opportunities while we sold "chuck-a-pucks" for a post game challenge. The chuck-a-puck sales ($189) benefitted the Colon Cancer Coalition and it's local Tour de Tush Colon Cancer Awareness bike ride.

Ice arena in Center Valley

Drop of the first puck