Event Name Decembeard
Organizer Bowel Cancer Australia; Bowel Cancer New Zealand
Sponsorship Olympus Australia Pty Ltd, Olympus New Zealand Limited
Date Month of December 2019
Venue Australia, New Zealand
Participants Over 370 Olympus employees
Event Outline Annually, Olympus Australia and New Zealand welcome the festive month of December by getting behind Bowel Cancer Australia and New Zealand’s fundraiser - Decembeard. This hair-raising campaign encourages participants to raise funds, as well as awareness, to support the vital work of Bowel Cancer Australia and Bowel Cancer New Zealand in their fight to reduce Bowel Cancer fatalities.
To participate, you can make, fake or even bake a beard to raise money and start conversations about the positive message of prevention and cure through early detection. This year, Olympus Australia hosted a beardy morning tea and raffle, raising almost $700 towards the cause.

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