Operating Room Workshop

Event Name Operating Room Workshop
Organizer Olympus Iberia S. A. U. (CSR Committee)
Sponsorship Save the Children
Date 12 July, 2019
Venue Barcelona / Spain
Participants 10 children, 7 volunteers
Event Outline The Operating Room workshop was organized for the children by the Olympus CSR Committee in Spain, employees from medical systems division as well helping volunteers. The event started with an introduction to operating rooms, how they evolved over time and the children got to know every detail one should know about operating rooms. After the introduction all children had the opportunity to simulate an endoscopy with the Pelvi Trainer (training simulator). They used fruits as test objects to have an impression of how an endoscopy is conducted in a real operating room. On a respective screen the group could check the picture provided by the endoscope in 3D as well as while using the optical technology Narrow Band Imaging (NBI).

Children Practicing with the Training Simulator 1

Children Practicing with the Training Simulator 2

Group Photo