OWS (Oceanic Wildlife Society) Nature School

Event Name OWS (Oceanic Wildlife Society) Nature School
Organizer The Oceanic Wildlife Society (NPO organization)
Sponsorship Olympus Corporation
Date 19 May, 2019
Venue Kanagawa / Japan
Participants 13 elementary school students
Event Outline Olympus sponsored the OWS Nature School, a nature observation event for elementary school students held on Sunday, 19 May in Misaki-cho, Miura Peninsula.
This initiative is part of the NPO's "Way to remain the beautiful ocean in the future" project, which aims to let children experience and learn about seaside creatures and the natural environment while enjoying them. Olympus is focusing on the youth education supporting, sponsors and supports these activities every year.
This time, 13 elementary school students participated in the workshop. They were instructed by OWS staff to observe the rocky scenery on the seaside and the creatures of the seashore with great interest. They took pictures and recorded them using a digital camera that is capable of underwater shooting and Olympus lent to them.

Seaside Observation

Observing Creatures of the Seashore

Shooting and Recording with a Digital Camera Capable of Underwater Shooting