Olympus Museum Visit (Mihagino Girl's High School; Nursing Course)

Event Name Olympus Museum Visit (Mihagino Girl's High School; Nursing Course)
Organizer JTB Corp., Nursing Course of Mihagino Girl's High School
Sponsorship Olympus Corporation
Date 13 February, 2020
Venue Tokyo / Japan
Participants 73 students, 3 teachers, 1 tour conductor
Event Outline

Second-year students of the nursing program at Mihagino Girls’ High School in Fukuoka visited the Olympus Museum to “better understand Olympus, in particular its medical business.” This was the fourth such visit to the Museum. The students were divided into four groups and given a tour of the Museum, learning about the history of Olympus’ scientific, imaging and medical businesses and technological evolution, and also got a chance to operate some products themselves. Their post-visit comments included the following: “So many different endoscopes were on display, each one having its own unique characteristics, and I found them all very interesting. I was particularly impressed by the vivid images produced by these endoscopes.” “I learned a great deal by operating an endoscope myself.” “All the experience we gained at the Museum will be useful for nursing majors like us as we decide our future career paths.”

Industrial Endoscope Hands-on Experience

Surgical Endoscope Hands-on Experience

Digital Camera Hands-on Experience

Group Photo