Communication with Stakeholders

Basic Approach and Policy

The Olympus Group is committed to "making people's lives healthier, safer, and more fulfilling." This is our corporate philosophy and the fundamental concept underlying our activities, enabling us to respond to the highest expectations of our stakeholders, conduct ourselves as a model corporate citizen, and work towards sustainable growth together with society.
In acting as a global company to address the issues of international society, we are participating in the UN Global Compact, reporting our CSR activities to them and conducting studies into what we can do to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



The Olympus Group is engaged in a variety of initiatives to provide better products and services to healthcare professionals, our customers, in order to contribute to "Making people's lives healthier and safer". We have established a global system to accurately handle a series of customer service activities, from product sales to in-use support and repairs, and are engaged in daily operations.

Shareholders and Investors

We adhere closely to the Article 27-36 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (so-called "Fair Disclosure Rules") and proactively disclose our management policies, financial status, business activities, non-financial and corporate information in a fair, timely and appropriate manner according to the Olympus Group's Disclosure Policy. We also invite investors to meetings in which our senior management, including the Representative Executive Officer, relevant executive officers, and head of relevant business divisions, present our medium- to long-term corporate strategies and business plans.


Olympus is sharing the corporate strategies and procurement policy of the Olympus Group with our suppliers.
Once a year, we hold the Supply Chain Policy Meeting with key suppliers extracted from the business condition with us, etc., among approximately 1,000 suppliers for each business in Japan.
In addition, we implemented a reporting system that can be used by suppliers.


The Olympus Group conducts employee surveys (core value surveys) to listen to the opinions of employees and to achieve a better corporate culture and work environment. The results are shared with management, including regional management, and measures are implemented at various organizational units.
The Olympus top management provides regular opportunities to engage in labor management consultations, both centrally and at individual facilities, such as during its twice-annual Central Labor-Management Council with the Olympus Labor Union. Such councils serve as a forum for discussing improvements in labor conditions and corporate culture reforms.


Olympus works with a wide range of stakeholders in accordance with our Corporate Citizenship Policy, including communities near our business sites around the world, local governments, schools, and NPOs, to contribute to solving social issues in local communities. We also participate in environmental conservation activities in cooperation with local governments and NPOs, and participate in and cooperate with local events.

National and Local Governments

Olympus is actively involved in a wide range of corporate citizenship programs in cooperation with national and local governments. In Japan, we maintain cancer prevention agreements with several prefectural and city governments to encourage their citizens to take cancer screenings. As a part of these agreements, Olympus provides leaflets to explain endoscopic examinations, which health administration then include in notice letters about strategic stomach cancer screenings and colon cancer examinations to support for encouragement to take individual medical examination. Also, Olympus and its Japan subsidiaries host classes as a part of the school curriculum on the history and technology of endoscopes in cooperation with educational administrations, primary schools, junior high schools, and high schools.