Cancer Council Rally

Event Name Cancer Council Rally
Event Organizer ShitBox Rally
Event Date 8-17 May, 2019
Venue (City / Country) Perth to Sydney
Participants Public Citizens of Australia
Event Outline The Cancer Council Rally (known locally as the 'shitbox rally') challenges teams to drive cars worth under $1,000 across Australia's formidable roads. All in the name of cancer awareness and raising money for the Cancer Council of Australia.
Olympus was proudly represented by our IT Operations Manager, Cliff Wheatley, who drove his car over 5,000km across the country's harshest roads to raise much-needed funds.
All funds he raised go towards the prevention, research, treatment and support for those affected by cancer.

Cliff Wheatley's car (1)

Cliff Wheatley's car (2)

Cliff Wheatley's car (3)

Olympus team (1)

Olympus team (2)