Red Apple Day

Event Name Red Apple Day
Event Organizer Bowel Cancer Australia; Bowel Cancer New Zealand
Sponsorship Olympus Australia Pty Ltd, Olympus New Zealand Limited
Event Date 19 June, 2019
Venue Australia; New Zealand
Participants 380 employees
Event Outline Every year, Olympus Australia and New Zealand get behind Bowel Cancer awareness month of which a highlight is Red Apple Day. The campaign encourages Australians and New Zealanders to support the vital work of Bowel Cancer Australia and Bowel Cancer New Zealand through the purchase of a Bowel Cancer Awareness Ribbon and apple themed fundraising activities. To sponsor the event, every year we offer our staff red apples, Bowel Cancer Awareness Ribbons, access to free Bowel Cancer Screening kits and information packs on the disease and lifestyle improvements to prevent it.

a red apple and a Bowel Cancer Awareness Ribbon

Employees with a red apple(1)

Employees with a red apple(2)

Employees with a red apple(3)