Evelyn Moller's Morning Tea Fundraiser

Event Name Evelyn Moller's Morning Tea Fundraiser
Event Organizer Bowel Cancer Australia; Bowel Cancer New Zealand
Sponsorship Olympus Australia Pty Ltd, Olympus New Zealand Limited
Event Date 20 June, 2019
Venue Australia; New Zealand
Participants 300 employees
Event Outline To support our dear colleague Evelyn, we banded together as One Olympus and hosted an OAZ-wide morning tea fundraiser! Evelyn's battle with Bowel Cancer started 18 months ago and has since spread all through her body requiring further surgery and chemotherapy overseas. Her ongoing challenges has only strengthened her passion and strong-will to spread the message to “listen to your body and note any signs, whether big or small.” She is an inspiring advocate for the work of Bowel Cancer New Zealand of prevention and early detection. Collectively, we were able to raise $4,000 towards Evelyn’s on-going treatment, as well as awareness towards her own Bowel Cancer campaign which has raised over $8,000 towards Bowel Cancer New Zealand.

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Many employees participated in the event

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